Thursday, November 22, 2012

Implementasi IPv6 di FreeBSD

Implementasi IPv6 di FreeBSD

Contoh sederhana IPv6 di FreeBSD


# IP Config [/etc/rc.conf]

ipv6_ifconfig_fxp0=?2404:170:ee02:ee02::10 prefixlen 64?
ipv6_ifconfig_fxp0_alias0=?2404:170:ee02:ee03::10 prefixlen 64? (IPv6 secondary sample).

# DNS config [/etc/recolv.conf]

nameserver 2404:170:ee02:ee02::2

# Manual Directly Input IPv6 Address on # prompt :

ifconfig fxp0 inet6 2404:170:ee02:ee02::10 prefixle 64
ifconfig fxp0 inet6 2404:170:ee02:ee03::10 prefixle 64
route add -inet6 default 2404:170:ee02:ee02::1

# Simple Firewall :

(allow network 2404:170::/32 to any host)
ip6fw add 100 allow all from 2404:170::/32 to any in via fxp0

(allow network 2001:dc6::/32 to any host)
ip6fw add 200 allow all from 2001:dc6::/32 to any in via fxp0

(allow all ipv6 to host 2404:170:ee02::10)
ip6fw add 300 allow all from :: to 2404:170:ee02:ee02::10 in via fxp0

(deny other all traffic).
ip6fw add 1000 deny all from any to any in via fxp0


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